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Transport your horse in a horsebox

Transporting horses in lightweight vehicles is an excellent option for those who need to transport their animals over short or long distances. Horseboxes are easier to handle and park than lorries or trailers. Choose quality for your horses with Renteo and our selected Theault vehicles..

The advantages of Theault horseboxes for transporting horses

These vehicles are designed to transport up to two horses. Several models are available, and different configurations are possible: stalls, large stalls (mare and foal), or breast bars (anti-weave grills) to adapt to the morphology and preferences of the horses. All Theault trucks have a side ramp for easy horse embarkation and disembarkation. Some lightweight trucks are equipped with a trailer hitch to tow a horse trailer and transport up to four horses. The Theault trucks are available in 3-seater or 5-seater cabins with bench-beds. The truck's tack room has been configured to be spacious, allowing for easy transportation of all your equipment.

Travel safely in a horsebox

Thanks to the equipment and options offered by Theault trucks on the platform, you are guaranteed to travel safely with your horses. The Theault vehicles are known for their high quality, reliability, and durability. Monitor your horses during the journey with the interior camera and maneuver easily with the rearview camera.."

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