1.                        GENERAL PROVISIONS


1.1 The present conditions are concluded between the company "Renteo", a simplified joint stock company with a capital of 123,000 euros, whose registered office is located at PONTS (50300) - ZA de MAUDON and registered in the COUTANCES Trade and Companies Register under number 903 537 710, hereinafter referred to as "Renteo", and the persons wishing to access the services offered on the website (hereinafter referred to as the "WebSite"), hereinafter referred to as the "Users", and the vehicle hire companies on whose behalf Renteo concludes the present agreement, hereinafter referred to as the "Vehicle Owner" (Renteo, the Users and the Vehicle Hirers being hereinafter referred to as the "Party or Parties"). The purpose of the WebSite is to bring together Users and Renters of vehicles or equipment who rent vehicles or towable equipment (hereinafter referred to as "Vehicles") on the Site, it being specified that Renteo may rent vehicles or towable equipment belonging to companies in the GSC Vans THEAULT group.


The Users are consumers or professionals. Only considered as a "consumer" within the scope of these general terms and conditions is the individual User acting for purposes that do not fall within the scope of their commercial, industrial, artisanal, professional, or agricultural activity.


1.2                       The purpose of these general conditions is to define both the conditions of use of the Site by Users and the conditions of the rental service between the Hirer of the Vehicle, which may be a company belonging to the GSC Vans THEAULT group, and the User. These general conditions also govern the terms and conditions of publication of reviews on the Site by Users.


They cancel and replace the conditions previously applicable. Renteo reserves the right to adapt, modify or update its general conditions of use at any time. In any event, the general conditions applicable are those in force on the day of use of the WebSite.


Use of the Site implies the User's full and unreserved acceptance of the rules set out below, as well as the rental conditions of the companies belonging to the GSC Vans THEAULT group, to the exclusion of all other documents such as leaflets, promotional catalogues, descriptions of services issued by Renteo or the Vehicle Renters, which are for information purposes only.


Validation of the reservation for the rental of a Vehicle confirms the User's total and unreserved acceptance of these conditions. The provisions of these general terms and conditions may not be modified by provisions to the contrary without the express written agreement of the Parties.


The fact that one of the Parties does not invoke one of these conditions at a given time may not be interpreted as a waiver of the right to invoke it at a later date. The cancellation of a clause in the general terms and conditions shall not affect the validity of the general terms and conditions as a whole.


When the rented Vehicle belongs to a Vehicle Hirer other than a company belonging to the GSC Vans THEAULT group, Renteo's activity is limited to making contact. Renteo can in no way be considered as a service provider for the Vehicle Hirer on the Site and cannot be held responsible for the obligations incumbent on Vehicle Hirers and inherent in the vehicle rental service. In this respect, the pages on which the Vehicles available for hire expressly specify the Vehicle Hirer, whether Renteo or not.


The User has access to mandatory pre-contractual information via the information provided on the presentation pages and these general terms and conditions, in particular the characteristics of the service, the geographical location of the Vehicle, the availability of the Vehicle, the rental rates, the payment terms, the general and special rental conditions and the right of withdrawal. Furthermore, it is the User's responsibility to provide valid identification and a driving license prior to any rental. The transmission of these documents determines the definitive nature of the booking. Additional documents may also be requested via the profiles created by the vehicle hire companies. However, car hire companies that have entrusted Renteo with the management of their reservations are not obliged to provide any additional documents.

 However, as the Vehicle Renters have entrusted Renteo with the management of bookings made on the Site, the User undertakes to comply with these terms and conditions and to contact Renteo directly for any questions relating to the performance of the contract, using the contact details given in article 18 of these terms and conditions. 





2.1                       To use the website, the User logs in to the website.


In order to access the services offered, the user is required to provide the information requested to make a rental or to log in to his/her customer account. The user may create a customer account if he/she wishes. To do so, he/she must fill in the registration form, making sure to provide the necessary, complete and accurate information. The user is required to provide the information requested on the "Identification" page, in particular: surname, first name, e-mail address, telephone number, company registration number and VAT number if the user is a company, as well as the driver's license number.


A copy of an identity document may be kept as proof of the exercise of a right of access, rectification or opposition, or to meet a legal obligation, in particular a driving license. In any event, the User is responsible for the information entered on the registration form and during the reservation process. In the event of an error, Renteo or the car rental company cannot be held responsible for any shortcomings in the processing of the reservation and/or the provision of services due to the User's failure to comply with this article.

The User declares to have the capacity to enter into this contract, particularly to possess a valid driver's license suitable for driving the rented Vehicles and to be of the age required by the Vehicle Owner or, failing that, to be 18 years old (at the time of registration). The User undertakes not to create or use any other account than the one initially created, whether under their own identity or that of third parties.


It is advisable for the User to protect access to their mobile phone and computer with a password and to take out any necessary insurance in case of loss or theft of their device and for its consequences on the rental services referred to herein.



2.2                      The User may request their unsubscribe from the Site at any time, for any reason.

Similarly, Renteo may be obliged to suspend and deactivate the Site or the User's registration, without prior notice, formality, or compensation to the User:

·   pursuant to a court order,

·   in the event of force majeure,

·   in the event of breach of the general terms and conditions,

·   in the event of abusive or fraudulent use of the Site by the User or any third party acting on their behalf.





3.1                       The User accesses a search page where they can select the location where they want to pick up the Vehicle, and the desired availability dates. The User then accesses a results page showing the Vehicle Owners offering a Vehicle available according to their search criteria (vehicle type, etc.). The User has the option to click on each result to obtain details about the Vehicle Owners and the proposed Vehicle (price, opening hours of the Vehicle Owner, additional services offered besides the rental, any specific practical procedures for the pickup and return of Vehicles, etc.). The exact contact details (name, address, phone number, email) are provided to the user once the reservation is confirmed.


The characteristics of the services being provided by the Vehicle Owner, Renteo's liability cannot be invoked for any potential changes or errors regarding their description, unless, however, the essential characteristics of the reserved Vehicle rental are affected.

It is indicated on each vehicle listing whether the reservation is automatic (referred to as "Automatic Acceptance") or requires prior approval from the Owner (referred to as "Manual Acceptance"). For Manual Acceptances, the Owner has 12 hours to confirm the reservation definitively. In the absence of confirmation within this period, the rental will not be processed, and the user will not be charged.


Before proceeding with a reservation request for the Vehicle, the User may, if they wish, contact Renteo (via email, telephone, contact form, or through social media) to request additional information about the characteristics and availability of the Vehicle or the rental conditions. Renteo may contact the Vehicle Owner if necessary.

3.2                      The User makes their reservation by clicking on the appropriate button. They then access a summary of the Vehicle rental they are about to book.

The reservation is charged according to the current rate mentioned on the Site at the time of booking. Prices are indicated in euros and include all taxes, with the applicable VAT being that in force in France at the time of billing. It is possible to make multiple reservations by adding them to the cart and proceeding with a single payment.

Reservations are payable in euros, on the Site in full and in cash, by credit card, or by any other means of payment offered by the site at the time of reservation validation. If the Owner accepts it, it may also be possible to make a reservation known as "counter payment" with cash payment on the day of the rental.

3.3                     The User proceeds with the payment of their rental on the secure website of Renteo's financial partner. The User must make full payment of the rental by credit card or any other means of payment offered by the site. The User will then receive an email confirmation of their online reservation. The Vehicle Owner is informed of the reservation request by email and/or SMS. The effective payment of the reservation by the User formally and definitively formalizes the distance contract concluded between the User and the Vehicle Owner through Renteo or between the User and Renteo. As part of the connection it provides, Renteo deducts, from the price of the services paid by the User, a commission related to its intervention as an intermediary and manager of the Site. This commission applies to each rental booked by a User from a Vehicle Owner.

Through its payment management partner, Renteo ensures the management of payments related to rentals made, owed by a User to a Vehicle Owner. These payments may include the rental price, mileage supplements at the end of the rental, or compensations for fuel level, cleaning defects, etc. They may also concern penalties that may be due by the User to a Owner under the Rental Agreement. The payment service cannot be requested from Renteo for any fines or in execution of any court decision following a dispute between the User and the Vehicle Owner.

The User receives an email confirmation of the reservation summarizing the characteristics of the rental and the reservation number they have just booked, which includes a link to these general terms and conditions.

It is advisable for the User to keep the summary of their reservation received by email. Indeed, only the reservation number appearing on this email or the reservation confirmation will allow them to obtain information about their reservation; these documents also constitute proof of the User's reservation and the contract binding the Parties.

In case the User has a user account, they can, after their reservation, access the history of their ongoing, completed, or even cancelled reservations.


4.                        DEPOSIT


As a guarantee for the execution of its obligations, a deposit will be required from the User, the amount of which will be mentioned on the booking page, and it will be specific to each Vehicle Owner. It ensures the perfect execution of the obligations imposed on the User.

At the Owner's discretion, this deposit will be paid via a pre-authorization by credit card provided by the User (or any other means of payment accepted by the Owner) up to the amount of the security deposit. The method of payment of the deposit is specified on the booking page.

The deposit must in any case be paid on-site to the Vehicle Owner, no later than when the keys to the Vehicle are handed over to the User.

In this regard, the Vehicle Owner may refuse to make the Vehicle available to the User in case of failure to effectively pay the security deposit (in particular in case of failure to submit the check or refusal by the bank to provide the requested bank pre-authorization). In this event, the absence of payment of the security deposit shall not exempt the User from its obligations resulting from its reservation. Consequently, in the event of non-payment of the security deposit before taking possession of the Vehicle, the contract will be terminated for the User's fault and no refund will be made due to the User's breach.


This deposit aims to cover, retroactively, the occurrence of an incident such as an accident, theft, damage, traffic violation, and more generally in case of payment of any amount not foreseen and due by the User such as cleaning of the Vehicle, fuel payment, late return penalties, administrative fees, as well as additional charges for extra days or extra mileage.
By express agreement between the parties, the deposit is fully assigned to the Owner to the extent of the amounts owed by the User under the rental contract. The User expressly authorizes the Owner to deduct the amount of the sums due from this deposit. The amount of the deposit does not constitute a ceiling for compensation, as the Owner is free to claim additional damages and interest.


At the end of the rental period, the check corresponding to the security deposit will be returned, or the bank pre-authorization (or any other means of payment) will be released after the return of the Vehicle, deducting, if applicable, any outstanding amounts and the costs of repairs caused by the fault of the User in the use of the Vehicle and recorded in the document established jointly on the day of return.


In the event that the repair costs exceed the amount of the security deposit, the Owner undertakes to activate their insurance. Failing that, they cannot claim from the User any additional compensation beyond the security deposit.





5.1                       For user.


       The user has the option to reschedule their reservation from their customer account within the limits of the vehicle's availability on the chosen dates. The Owner may refuse to reschedule the rental, and cancellation conditions will apply.

The user can request the cancellation of the reservation from their User account, or in writing, and will be reimbursed 100% if the cancellation occurs at least 15 days before the start of the rental. If the cancellation occurs between 15 days and the start date of the rental, the cancellation conditions chosen by the rental company and specified in the vehicle announcement will apply.

·       Flexible Cancellation Policy:

o   95% refund of the reservation amount for cancellation requests received at least 48 hours before the start of the vehicle rental.

o   No refund for cancellation requests within 48 hours before the vehicle rental.

·       Moderate Cancellation Policy:

o   95% refund of the reservation amount for cancellation requests received at least 7 days before the vehicle rental.

o   50% refund of the reservation amount for cancellation requests received between 7 days and 48 hours before the start of the rental.

o   No refund for cancellation requests within 48 hours before the vehicle rental.

·       Strict Cancellation Policy:

o   No refund for cancellation requests within 15 days before the vehicle rental.


In case of refund of sums, in whole or in part, the user, the Owner, and Renteo may agree to issue a credit note valid for a future rental within a limit of 6 months.

If the estimated cost of the rental had been paid by the User at the time of booking, the amounts due by the User for the cancellation will be deducted from the payment made, and the balance will be refunded to the User within a maximum period of 8 days from the cancellation. If no payment had been made by the User, the cancellation fees will be invoiced to the User and payable within 8 days from the date of the invoice.

The delay or absence of the User for the pick-up of the Vehicle is governed by the provisions of articles 7.2 and 7.3 herein.




5.2                      By the Vehicle Owner


 In accordance with article 7.1, upon the pickup of the Vehicle, the Vehicle Owner retains full discretion to refuse the rental for any legitimate reason such as the User's intoxication, the fact that the person picking up the Vehicle is not the user, etc. In this case, the reservation is cancelled. It does not entitle to any refund if the cancellation is due to the User's failure to comply with the rental conditions required by Renteo and the Owner.

 In the event of unavailability of the Vehicle at the agreed time by the Parties (for example, due to mechanical failure resulting from a previous rental of said Vehicle), the Owner will make best efforts to find another vehicle with at least equivalent characteristics within the RENTEO network nearby.

If no replacement solution is found by the Owner, the latter undertakes to reimburse the User within a maximum period of 8 days any amount already paid by the User for the reservation. The Owner will be charged 5% of the initial amount of transaction from Renteo for banking fees.

 Unless cancellation for a legitimate and justified reason to the User and RENTEO (Vehicle breakdown with proof of its presence in a garage, etc.), the Owner is prohibited from cancelling the rental. In case of violation, the Owner shall be liable for an amount equal to 50% of the rental amount to the User as a compensation, 5% of the transaction to Renteo for banking fees and refund the whole amount already paid.




The consumer User generally has a right of withdrawal that they can exercise within a period of 14 clear days from the date of conclusion of the contract.

However, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for contracts "1° For the supply of services fully performed before the end of the withdrawal period and whose execution has begun after the consumer's prior express consent and express waiver of their right of withdrawal" and for contracts "12° For services relating to accommodation, other than residential accommodation, transport of goods, car rental, catering, or leisure activities which must be provided on a specific date or for a specific period." Since the services are intended to be provided for a specific period and for vehicle rental services, the consumer User does not have a right of withdrawal.

In any case, as indicated in Article 3.1, Renteo grants the consumer User the possibility to cancel the reserved rental according to the defined conditions.



7.                        VEHICULE PICKUP – LATE RETURN – DROP OFF


7.1                       The User is required to personally take over the Vehicle (or one of the drivers possibly previously declared) at the location designated by the Vehicle Owner with whom they have reserved their rental.

The User is required to present to the Vehicle Owner their reservation number, a valid piece of identification, as well as their driver's license (or ID card / Driver's license of one of the drivers possibly previously declared).

The User or the declared driver must also proceed with the payment of their security deposit under the conditions set out in Article 4 of these terms.

The Vehicle Owner may refuse to make the Vehicle available to the User if the latter does not provide all the required documents and justifications and/or does not provide the security deposit and/or for a legitimate reason such as the User's intoxication.



7.2                                  In the event of the User being late for the scheduled departure time during the rental, the pickup of the Vehicle is generally still possible since the rental is reserved for the selected duration. However, this pickup depends on the opening hours of the Vehicle Owner and their availability. Consequently, the User cannot hold the Vehicle Owner and/or Renteo responsible in case of their delay and the inability to pick up the Vehicle.

In any case, the delay cannot have the effect of extending the reserved rental for an equivalent duration or reducing the agreed price.



7.3                      If the User is absent for the pickup of the Vehicle, the rental remains reserved for the selected duration. If the User fails to show up after a period of two hours, the rental may be considered canceled, and this cancellation, due to the User, does not entitle them to any refund. If the User still shows up, administrative and late fees may be applied to them.



7.4                     The Vehicle Owner provides to the User:

·   The keys to the Vehicle

·   The liability insurance certificate or provisional certificate

·   An accident report form

·   The registration certificate attesting to the Vehicle Owner's ownership of the Vehicle subject to this contract.

·   The document containing the standard condition of the Vehicle accompanied by the mandatory signaling equipment.

Upon receipt of the keys and until the end of the contract, the User is the responsible party and custodian of the Vehicle.



7.5                      The condition of the Vehicle is more precisely described in the Vehicle condition report established between the Vehicle Owner and the User at the time of departure of the Vehicle. For simplicity, the majority of condition reports are conducted via the Weproov application, which establishes the Vehicle condition report by taking photos of the vehicle and jointly validating its apparent condition before its pickup.

By signing this document and/or signing the condition report via Weproov, the User acknowledges that the Vehicle does not have any other apparent marks of deterioration, that it is in good working condition, and that it is equipped to comply with the requirements imposed by the highway code. No subsequent claim will be admissible, except for defects not apparent in the Vehicle (e.g., warning lights illuminating). The User also acknowledges being fully informed of the conditions of use and maintenance of the Vehicle and is considered satisfied with the Vehicle.

Consequently, the User attests that the Vehicle is delivered to them in good working order, provided with a copy of the registration certificate, insurance, and the Vehicle's compliance certificate for the transportation of live animals.

In this context, the user undertakes to report, within 15 minutes of departure, and subsequently as soon as possible, any anomalies they may notice in the use of the Vehicle. Failing this, the Vehicle will be deemed to have been returned in good mechanical condition.

The User undertakes to return the Vehicle in the same condition as that noted at the departure. To this end, the User completes the Vehicle condition report at the departure and upon return in the presence of the Vehicle Owner, notably via the Weproov form. In the event of the use of the Weproov form, the latter replaces the paper condition report notably through the use of photos.

This return is established in a contradictory manner.

In the event that the User is not present at the time of return, the Owner may conduct the return condition inspection themselves.

In the event that the condition inspection is contested by the User, there will be a presumption of truthfulness of the return condition inspection conducted by the Owner, with the User having to provide evidence to the contrary, notably through expertise. If at the time of the condition inspection, in the presence of the Owner and the User, the latter does not wish to sign the return condition inspection, the latter will be provisional with the User having to demonstrate that the damages were already present at the time of the pickup of the vehicle. As a reminder, as a User, the User remains the custodian of the vehicle and therefore assumes responsibility for damages to the Vehicle, regardless of whether the damages are their fault or that of a third party.

In the event of the return of the Vehicle in a non-compliant condition or contradictory with the condition report of the Vehicle at the departure, the User may have to bear the costs of restoration as well as administrative fees up to a maximum amount of €80. These fees may be deducted in whole or in part from the security deposit provided by the User. The Owner will send within 8 days of the return of the Vehicle a statement of the repairs and expenses (repair costs, cleaning, kilometer overrun charges, etc.) deducted from the amount of the security deposit as referred to in Article 4 herein, which amount may be added to the vehicle insurance deductible.

In the event of repairs, the body shop will be chosen exclusively by the Vehicle Owner. The Owner is free to carry out subsequent repairs without dispute from the User.


7.6                       In the event of a delay in the return of the Vehicle by the User and when this delay prevents the next user from taking over the Vehicle, the Owner will invoice the User for the rental day as compensation for the loss, according to the financial conditions agreed upon by the Owner. A tolerance of 30 minutes is granted to the User in this regard.

In the event that no rental is scheduled thereafter, any delay of more than 1 hour will result in the invoicing of a rental day, according to the Owner's tariff conditions.

The Owner remains free to adjust the amount of penalties in case of late return.



8.                        VEHICLE USE TERMS – ACCIDENTS – THELF - CLEANING


8.1                       The rental is personal and non-transferable. The User agrees not to allow anyone other than themselves or those listed on the rental terms and the Vehicle condition report at the time of delivery to drive the Vehicle. A copy of a valid driver's license will be required for each driver.

The User agrees to drive the Vehicle carefully and to comply with all traffic rules. In case of a traffic violation, a processing fee of 50 euros will be charged. The User agrees to promptly pay any fines, legal fees, or other expenses incurred due to the use of the Vehicle, so that the Vehicle Owner cannot be held liable or disturbed in any way regarding this matter.

The User is particularly responsible for the consequences in case of exceeding the total weight, load, or any violation of the legislation regarding the use of the Vehicle.

The User agrees to keep the Vehicle locked and secured when not in use, keeping the keys with them at all times, which should never be left inside the Vehicle.

The User agrees that the Vehicle will not be used by anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The User agrees not to sell, mortgage, or pledge the Vehicle, nor to treat it in a way that would harm the Vehicle Owner.



8.2                     Fuel is the responsibility of the User. The User agrees to refuel the fuel tank to the required level before returning the Vehicle. In case of failure to do so, the full tank of the Vehicle may be charged to the User by the Vehicle Owner for an amount specified in the specific conditions indicated in their listing, or alternatively, an amount of €250. This amount can be paid by any means of payment, including deduction from the security deposit, notably by pre-authorization.


8.3                     In the event of immobilization of the Vehicle for any reason, the Vehicle Owner shall provide the User, subject to availability, with a replacement vehicle capable of providing the service if the insurance cannot provide such a vehicle. If the Vehicle Owner is unable to provide a replacement vehicle and unless a vehicle is provided through insurance, the Owner undertakes to suspend billing during the immobilization period, if it is not attributable to the User or their pet.

In case of breakdown, the User undertakes to notify the Vehicle Owner and their insurance and shall not carry out any repairs without their agreement. The User therefore refrains from taking any repair initiatives.

In the event of an accident, the User must immediately notify the Vehicle Owner and their insurance. Additionally, the accident report must be provided to the Vehicle Owner as soon as possible and in any case before the end of the rental period.

The User will fulfill the obligations of a careful user and will complete the accident report in a legible, usable manner, signed by both parties. In the event of an accident without third parties involved, the User will complete the accident report alone.

Failure to comply may result in the User being required to compensate for damages suffered by the Vehicle Owner, which may be deducted from the security deposit.



8.4                     In case of theft of the Vehicle, the User must comply with the following provisions:

Immediately report (except in cases of force majeure) the theft or attempted theft to the police authorities as soon as they become aware of it, as well as to the Vehicle Owner and their insurance.

Return to the Vehicle Owner the keys and documents of the Vehicle if they are still in their possession, along with a duplicate of the inventory report and the receipt of the theft report. This formality must be completed within 24 hours of the theft report (except in cases of force majeure).

The rental ends on the date of handing over the above-mentioned documents and items to the Vehicle Owner, with a partial refund of the rental being made by the Vehicle Owner.



8.5                     The User undertakes to return the Vehicle in the same cleanliness condition as at the time of pickup, both interior (cab, horse area, and tack room) and exterior. Failure to do so may result in a flat fee charged by the Vehicle Owner, as indicated in the specific conditions specified in their advertisement, or alternatively, a fee of €250. This amount can be settled by any means of payment, including deduction from the security deposit by preauthorization.


9.                        ASSURANCE


9.1                       The Vehicle Owner will insure the Vehicle themselves, with Renteo solely ensuring compliance with this obligation. The amount of deductibles and conditions will be defined by the Owner based on their insurance contract.

The Owner must indicate on the rental page the insurance conditions of the Vehicle, especially if roadside assistance is included (specifying whether assistance applies to the vehicle and/or the horses).



9.2                     The Owner's Vehicle insurance covers external damages related to the Vehicles in the event of an accident.

The User and any additional driver(s) of the designated vehicle specified in the Special Conditions and approved by the Owner are covered by an automobile insurance policy complying with the obligation. This policy covers material and bodily damages they may cause to third parties on or off the road with the rented vehicle.

It is specified that the insurance policy mentioned in the previous paragraph also covers the civil liability of any person having custody or control, even if unauthorized, as well as the civil liability of the passengers of the rented vehicle. However, in the event of theft of the vehicle, the insurance policy does not cover the repair of damages suffered by the perpetrators,


9.3                     However, the User is not insured in particular in the following cases:

-     Inability to return the original keys of the vehicle after discovering the theft.

-     Damages to the Vehicle resulting from burns, interior damage, and damage to the upper and lower parts of the Vehicle, as well as damages to tires, hubcaps, and rims.

-     Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and medication.

-     Providing false information regarding the identity or validity of your driver's license.

-     Damages or loss of any kind affecting personal belongings, items, or animals contained in the Vehicle exceeding the specified limit.

-     Accident with a vehicle weight not complying with regulatory conditions.

It is hereby reminded that it is the User's responsibility to personally insure their horse, as it is not covered by the Vehicle insurance.

In any event, the User who does not comply with the conditions required for rental by Renteo and/or the conditions of use of the Site may have their account deleted by Renteo.






10.1                    Obligations for user


The use of the Site shall be carried out under the responsibility of the User. Under these conditions, the User is obliged to use the Site in accordance with its intended purpose, while respecting the instructions provided by Renteo, including those outlined in these terms.

In the event of a breach by the User of any of the obligations set forth in these terms, Renteo reserves the right to delete the account of the User concerned at any time, without prejudice to any damages that Renteo may potentially claim.

The User is responsible for the cybersecurity of their equipment, as well as, notably, any data losses and security breaches that may result from a virus or hacking.



10.2                  Obligations for Renteo


Renteo, as an intermediary between the Vehicle Owner(s) and the User, assumes no responsibility for the execution of the rental agreement concluded between the User and the Vehicle Owner on the Site. In this regard, Renteo is in no way responsible for the deterioration, loss, or theft of the Vehicle, as well as personal items present therein.

Renteo's liability cannot be engaged if non-performance or damage results from the misuse of the Site by the User, or due to the User's fault or that of a third party, or in cases of force majeure as defined in Article 9 herein.

Similarly, Renteo shall not be held responsible for any temporary or permanent damages caused to the User's mobile device, nor for any losses or damages that may occur following access or navigation on the Site. The transmission of data via the Internet may lead to errors and/or the Site not always being available. Therefore, Renteo cannot be held liable for the availability and interruption of the online service.

It is advised to the User to protect access to their mobile device with a password, and to obtain any necessary insurance in case of loss or theft of their device.



10.3                  When the liability of the Vehicle Owners or Renteo is engaged due to a fault on their part, the repair applies only to the direct, personal, and certain damages suffered by the User. In any case, the Vehicle Owners and Renteo disclaim any responsibility for, including but not limited to:


•   Malicious acts by the User or third parties.

•   Damages resulting from the User's failure to comply with the rules and recommendations of Renteo and the Vehicle Owners, including those arising from the conditions required for rental by Renteo and these general terms and conditions.


11.                    FORCE MAJEURE



In the event of the occurrence of a force majeure event – including but not limited to fires, floods, total or partial strikes, business closures, travel restrictions, intentional damage, theft, changes in regulations, inability to be supplied with raw materials, energy supply disruptions, malfunctioning or interruptions of electrical or telecommunications networks – preventing the performance of their obligations by the Vehicle Owners and/or Renteo, the contract would be immediately suspended for the duration of this event and the parties could not be held liable for failure or delay in the performance of their obligations.


12.                    INTELLECTUAL PROPRIETY


All content on the Site or any advertising material (illustrations, texts, labels, trademarks, images, videos) is the property of Renteo or is used by Renteo with the authorization of the rights holders concerned. Any total or partial reproduction of the Site, as well as the creation of hypertext links, is prohibited unless Renteo gives its express and prior authorization.



13.1                     Referral, dereferencing, and ranking procedures

For Lenders and their rental offers to be referenced on the Site, Lenders must register on the Site and accept the general terms and conditions for partners.

Lenders and their rental offers may be dereferenced from the Site in the event of serious misconduct by the Lender concerning the general terms and conditions for partners and/or their legal and contractual obligations towards Users. The termination of contractual relations between Renteo and a Lender, for any reason whatsoever, results in the dereferencing of the Lender and their rental offers from the Site. In the event that a Lender is dereferenced, a full refund of the upcoming rental will be provided.

The default criteria for ranking Lenders' rental offers on the Site and their main parameters are as follows:

·   Experienced agent on Renteo within 30 kilometers of the search. By experienced agent, it is understood to mean the average of reviews and the utilization rate of the Weproov solution, which limits potential disputes.

·   Kilometer distance up to 150 kilometers around the search.

There is no capital link or remuneration between Renteo and Lenders other than Renteo exercising influence on the referencing or ranking of rental offers proposed on the Site.


13.2                   Purpose and conditions of the connection

Vehicle Owners include individuals and professionals.

The Site allows Users to browse rental offers, which are provided by Renteo or a company belonging to the GSC Vans THEAULT group, or by Vehicle Owners other than Renteo. It also enables Users who wish to do so to proceed with online booking of Vehicle rentals. Therefore, the Site facilitates the conclusion of distance service provision contracts.

The Site is accessible to Users free of charge (excluding any potential connection fees), with only the rental price being payable online if necessary.

Payment for the rental is processed by Users on the secure website of Renteo's financial partner in accordance with the provisions of Article 3 of these general terms and conditions.

Regarding rentals with Vehicle Owners other than Renteo and a company belonging to the GSC Vans THEAULT group, disputes are handled directly by the relevant Vehicle Owners, and Renteo does not intervene in this regard.

The procedures for resolving disputes regarding the use of the Site and regarding Vehicle rentals with Renteo and a company belonging to the GSC Vans THEAULT group are set out in Article 17.2 of these general terms and conditions.





14.1                     Geolocation



The User is informed by the Vehicle Owner, when it comes to Renteo and a company belonging to the GSC Vans THEAULT group, that for security and service execution purposes, they may be equipped with a geolocation system.



14.2                   Personal data


Renteo collects and processes the personal data of Users in accordance with the applicable regulations on personal data and its privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as the "Privacy Policy").

The Privacy Policy complements these general terms and conditions, of which it is an integral part. Renteo invites Users to consult it by clicking here.



14.3                   Opposition to marketing phone calls


The consumer User is informed that they can register on a list to opt out of telemarketing calls. However, it is specified that this registration does not prohibit Renteo and Vehicle Owners from contacting the User by phone for the sole purpose of executing this contract.


15.                    REVIEW PUBLICATION



The User has the possibility to leave a review regarding the Products in accordance with the Review Publication Conditions.



16.                    PROOF CONVENTION


The User acknowledges the evidentiary value of the data backups made by Renteo, particularly regarding the emails sent to them.




17.1                     The Parties agree that these terms and their consequences are governed by French law. The language of these terms and the relations between the Parties is French.


17.2                    Regarding the use of the Site and rental contracts concluded with Renteo, the consumer User declares to have been previously informed of the possibility to resort, in case of dispute, to a consumer mediation procedure.


17.3                   If, after discussion with Renteo, an amicable solution has not been reached, any User qualified as a consumer may submit any complaint related to the Platform to the following mediation bodies:


•   the consumer User is informed of the existence of the online dispute resolution platform established by the European Commission, which facilitates the independent, extrajudicial resolution of disputes online between consumers and professionals. This platform is accessible via the following link:



17.4                   For professional Users, the Parties undertake to first seek an amicable solution. In this regard, the professional User agrees to address their complaint to Renteo at the contact details provided in Article 13 of these terms.


17.5                    In the event of a failure to reach an agreement, all Users may submit any complaint regarding the Platform to the Business Mediator here: link to the Business Mediator.


17.6                   The Business Mediator will appoint a mediator to handle your complaint.


17.7                    In the absence of an amicable agreement, any dispute related to these terms will fall under the jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of COUTANCES, even in the case of summary proceedings, third-party notice, or plurality of defendants, except for exclusive jurisdiction in matters of restrictive competition practices or intellectual property rights.


17.8                   For complaints, disputes, or conflicts related to a rental with a Vehicle Owner other than Renteo, the User should directly contact the concerned Vehicle Owner, as Renteo does not intervene in the resolution of these disputes.


In this context, the User should address their complaint directly to the relevant Vehicle Owner.


18.                    CONTACT


For any questions or complaints regarding the Site, its services, reservations, personal data, etc., the User can contact Renteo at the following coordinates:


Email :

Phone number : +33233504893


By mail :


Za de Maudon

50300 Ponts




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