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Proteo Stuteri

Brand :

Proteo Stuteri

Brand :


Type : Horsebox
Year : 2018
Mileage : 0.00
Number of seats : 5
Driving licence requested : B
Engine power : 170 HP


Manual gearbox
5 passengers
Stall version
Snow tyres
Tow bar
Bunk beds

Agent details

Torstensons Hästtransportcenter AB
Amanda Landeblad EF amanda.landeblad@gmail.com

Jakobergs Säteri, Björnlunda

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Kr 1 500.00SEK Kr / Day

Day type Price (with VAT) included
Week day Kr 1500.00Kr 250.00 km
Day in the weekend Kr 1500.00Kr 250.00 km
Week-end Kr 3000.00Kr 500.00 km
5 days week Kr 7500.00Kr 1250.00 km
Week Kr 10500.00Kr 1750.00 km
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